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East Side Mario's Plastic Sign Face built by Hanson Sign Companies

Plastic Sign Faces

Plastic Sign Faces Plastic sign faces are durable, weather-resistant surfaces we use for various types of signage, including commercial, informational, and decorative signs. These…
Trinity Cedar Sign- Clear Coat Dimensional Sign by Hanson Sign Co
Hanson Sign Companies Falconer NY

Dimensional Signs

Dimensional signage can have a great impact on a company’s branding and marketing. Well-designed and imaginatively displayed, dimensional signs will catch the eye and...
Living Grace Chapel Post and Panel Sign manufacturing by Hanson Sign Companies
Hanson Sign Companies Falconer NY

Post & Panel Signs

We offer Sign Comp's most popular series of products. We can also provide Post and Panel signs made from numerous other substrates and create...
Subway Sandwiches Channel Letter Sign built by Hanson Sign Company
Hanson Sign Companies Falconer NY

Channel Letters Signs

Our Halo and Front Lit Channel Letters will add light and vibrancy to your customer’s location, making you their sign expert.
Ten Pin Eatery Digital Printing Services by Hanson Sign Companies
Hanson Sign Companies Falconer NY

Digital Printing

Our new HP 700W printer was installed in the spring of 2022. Since then, our quality and capabilites have greatly surpassed previous years.
H and R Block and Edwards Jones Investments Illuminated Cabinets Signs by Hanson Sign Companies
Hanson Sign Companies Falconer NY

Illuminated Cabinets

Illuminated Cabinets Our Illuminated Cabinet signs or Light Boxes in rectangular or custom shapes can be fitted with our flat, pan or embossed polycarbonate…

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